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Over computers already have this OpenOffice software installed. It can also be used to open Excel documents; that makes switching between these two tools effortless. Get Apache OpenOffice here.

How to import Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into Apple Numbers

Implementing new software and helping employees to get used to it is sometimes a real challenge. Learn how to easy the new software implementation process. Also derived from the original Openoffice.

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Excel features like pivot table and text to columns are also available in LibreOffice but it lacks extensive formatting. Get LibreOffice here. This free Excel alternative is quite similar to Google Drive Apps and lets you create several different types of online documents. ThinkFree enables you to write documents, create spreadsheets and presentations. ThinkFree has a mobile service that allows you to examine office documents and edit them while on the move. With Uni-Paper, you can open documents online without requiring the installation of Office software to your computer.

Microsoft built Web Apps to allow users to store their documents in the cloud and share them with other users — namely colleagues, project members or bosses.

A Free And Simple Mac Spreadsheet

And of course in the process offering an alternative to the free Google Spreadsheet. Instead of sending an Excel spreadsheet via email, you can upload it to Excel Web Application and share it even quicker.

The best feature about Excel Web Application is that it is available for free. The only requirement is that you own a Microsoft account. Use this alternative to MS Excel if you work with small amounts of data and need your team collaborating on the same document. Of course, Apple could not leave their users out to dry.

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So they created Numbers for Mac to be the Apple alternative to Excel. An interesting feature in this Excel alternative is that in Numbers, a new document does not begin with an endless grid but a plain sheet. It allows you to choose fonts, style cell borders and move everything around the canvas. The result — a clear sheet with charts that are a pleasure to look at.

Numbers for Mac is a perfect spreadsheet when you need to make beautifully visualized presentations with small amounts of data. To make it easier, Apple also added prebuilt templates and over functions that support comprehensive analysis.

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You can also edit the documents in cooperation with other team members. Yes, Apple has thought of everything. Read more about Numbers for Mac. When analyzing or organizing small amounts of data, this free spreadsheet enables almost all important features including filtering data, inserting charts and setting up to three conditional formatting settings. Gnumeric is a simple open-source spreadsheet application that has all the basic Excel features. It can open documents created with Excel, Lotus , Open Office, etc.

Style cells, format cells, drop in Excel-compatible functions but not all of them; this is free, right? It even exports spreadsheets to Excel.

I was especially impressed with how many different Excel spreadsheets I could suck up into TableEdit. Likewise, the charts and graphs work much like Excel so you can click to visualize table cell data, customize and define colors and styles, and, very Mac-like, you can move the charts and graphs around the spreadsheet. From what I can tell, this is a new Mac app that has more features planned, including a price tag.

My husband, Nathan, and I have used Macs for nearly 25 years. Macworld Podcast In the window that automatically opens when you launch the app, navigate to the location of your Excel file. You can also click on the File menu and select Open, then navigate to your spreadsheet. A progress window will appear. IDG A window may appear, explaining any changes that were made during the import process.

Stunning spreadsheets that bring everyone to the table.

The more complicate your Excel spreadsheet lots of formulas, charts, etc. The simpler the spreadsheet, the more your file will resemble what you created in Excel. The Excel file should open in Numbers. A pop-up menu will appear.