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Numerous diacritics are available; they are placed in a mnemotechnical way on a French keyboard:. The Unicode system does feature all possible combinations. Some fonts notably Charis SIL overcome this problem by offering smart diacritics positioning even when existing combination is lacking. It suffices to type the letter followed by the desired diacritical mark pressing the SPACE key to place it below the preceding letter.

How do I capitalize letters with accents, circumflexies etc in French?

The keyboard additionally offers numerous characters used for transcriptions, critical editions, and so on. If you have any suggestions to improve this keyboard, just let me know by leaving a comment below!

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Your email address will not be published. The reason I asked this question was because the alt codes don't work properly when i use the internet. I don't know why.

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Thanks for your help. Don't worry about capitalizing, Duo doesn't care about that! You don't need to capitalize anything and they are circumflexes, accent aigus, accent graves etc. This is just a limitation of the keyboard Microsoft Windows designed for France.


Professionals in the printing industry use Macs and don't have that problem. Browse a number of French websites or books, newspapers, etc.

Tutoriel Mac - Écrire en majuscule É, È, Ê, Ç, Î, Ï, Ô, Œ, Ö, Ù et les autres caractères

When I was first taught French in , this was already a rule: I don't think Microsoft has anything to do with it. It is not wrong to use accented capitals, but the standard today remains as it was: This site has helped me loads. You must log in to post a comment.

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Writing in French If you write in French regularly or on a laptop, the best way to type accents on a PC is with the international keyboard. Type accents in any operating system Share: Stay up to date with Lawless French! Log in to Reply. I have a laptop with out the number pad.