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My script is called backup. We'll set it to run as a cronjob by editing the job list with the nano editor:.

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This will execute the command every day at Notice that if your computer is shut down or sleeping at the time, the script will not run until the next day at the specified time. You might get a weird "command not found" error when running your crontab jobs for the first time, even though the script works fine when you run it yourself.

Its advantage is that when you set a job to run once a day, it runs whenever your computer is on, regardless of the time. So you won't miss a job because the computer was off at the specified time.

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crontab -e on macosx and vi

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  7. Ask Question. I suggest you don't use Crontab and instead learn to use Launchd as already suggested. If using launchd, see apple.

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    You don't necessarily need sudo. The cron daemon can be activated by a simple: I did just that for my backup solution mentioned in another hint.

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    I then edited the 'mycrontab' file to look like this I've skipped the header, which I left the same as the root file: Once the edited file has been saved, the final step is to tell the 'cron' program to schedule the task: You can see a list of currently scheduled tasks by typing "crontab -l" at the command prompt, and you can cancel a crontab with "crontab -r".

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    Writing scripts

    Authored by: Xeo on Oct 28, '01 Cheers [ Reply to This ]. Using the 'cron' scheduler Authored by: RandomMarius on Apr 17, '08 Rob [ Reply to This ]. Well, I can't confirm that it worked yet, but I have a tip to add. Turns out that the version of perl that root was using was different than the one my account was using.

    It would have been useful to have the STDERR output, so I changed the shell script call in my applescript wrapper to do something like this: Now I just have to see if it will work over night. Using an external text editor for crontab Authored by: Peter Kappesser on Feb 08, '11 TextWrangler's and its "poppa" BBEdit's edit command line tool can be used to edit the crontab file, following the setup instructions on its man page -- note that you have to write a little "helper" shell script to invoke edit with the -w option in order to work around a limitation in crontab.

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    The Cron Job Syntax

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