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Xcode is the developer toolset. If you install MacPorts without Xcode, you will be able to install it, but when you try to update you will get nothing. With DarwinPorts you will get this error:. So install Xcode as you were supposed to I have Xcode installed on another Mac and thought I had it on the Macbook as well.

There is a workaround to avoid installing MacPorts , kindly provided by Jolyon. This takes a little while and generates a lot of messages: I ran the updater a second time just to make sure that everything was caught the first time.

Burning with img/ccd/sub files

The conversion takes about ten minutes with a MB file, but I can confirm that my disk image works as a perfect self-contained ISO. If not, you have a 1 GB download ahead of you Xcode and some tinkering. I wanted to have access to MacPorts on this computer in any case.

It would have been faster!

Ultimate Optical Disk Imaging Utility / Extractor / ISO Creator

Alec has been helping businesses succeed online since Yes, Bub, it can be a bit tricky getting Macports to run. You have to successfully install the latest Xcode to install Macports. You guys are most welcome!

I would have never known this, I have almost exactly the same problem. Hey, I could mount the img file using Toast 8: Thanks for the instructions. My last copy of Toast is version 6. Roxio update fees are outrageous and Toast is getting too complicated for my taste. Nice to see that they have at least one forward thinking developer still on staff. The last Toast I really liked was version 5.

My Problem: When I type in the update or the install command, terminal first asks for a password and then tells me: Now, I guess my knowledge of these kind of operations is simply not sophisticated enough, but I would be very happy to learn it and to get things working. I thought it was just my computer. A rather noobe mistake: Good point. On the other hand, Xcode allows all kinds of other wonderful debugging modes and experimental software to run. So if you are doing cutting edge kind of work on your Mac, you will probably have to install Xcode sooner or later.

There are several solutions on the Apple site for this problem, so I will not detail them all here! I ran into some of the problems you described when first trying to install Macports on Leopard. When I installed the older version, Darwinports managed to update itself automatically — without having to handconfigure paths. My problem is that, when I enter ccd2iso image. Could someone help? Did you get the path right?

This is strange. I had absolutely no problems converting my. If your image.

Any way to download again or try another source for the same file? I just found another set of files in iso for the same program! It would have been satisfying to get ccd2iso to work, but it was time to cut my losses. Unable to execute port: I tried again:. Permission denied. You seem to be having some issues with paths and permissions. Try repairing permissions in Disk Utility. Non-standard paths and such can occur from repeatedly doing upgrades I solved all of these sorts of issues on my own computer by starting with a fresh install of It took some time but a lot of annoying issues went away.

Well, it had also said that sudo and port were unrecognized commands. For instance, sudo install ccd2iso gave me an unrec. Was odd. I did figure out the permission fixing, though. Was just me being silly and trying to write while it was all still read-only. Command line business seems to be a little too far out of my range.

Convert .ccd .sub .img to .iso for PCSX/ePSXe emulators.

Appreciate the quick response, though! Keep practicing with the command line. Eventually it gets easier. This was an ambitious project with which to start exploring the command line. I think fink messed with it. A lot of similar problems were cleared up when I finally bit the bullet and started from scratch.

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You get rid of a lot of dicey preferences files as well. It worked! I have the same file downloaded. According to the instructions, i downloaded xcode, macports and darwinport ports but i keep getting an error which says sudo commant not found in terminal. Ubuntu Web Upd8: Ubuntu OMG! Results 1 to 8 of 8. December 31st, 1. I am looking to convert these files into a. As the. I doubt there will be any huge difference in filesize, but having a single. Technomancy The old ways are not the only ways. We study the mysteries of laser and circuit, crystal and scanner.

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