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The Minecraft player profile on this machine will be semi-permanently altered to allow you to play on the local network with a non-conflicting username. This last step is completely optional and unless you have a player who really wants a custom skin that, again, only they will be able to see you can skip it.

Tutorials/How to install a snapshot

At no point will you need to make any changes to the primary Minecraft computer the machine that the original account holder plays on , so go ahead and sit down at one of your secondary machines for the rest of the tutorial. John already exists! In order to circumvent the name check and avoid the errors that come with two players having the same name, we need to—you guessed it—give the secondary player a new name. To do so we need to make a simple edit to one of the Minecraft configuration files.

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The easiest way to get to the Minecraft configuration file without digging through the bowels of the configuration folders is to simply jump there with the handy shortcut in your Minecraft launcher. Before we proceed you need to launch the Minecraft launcher at least once and log in with your primary Minecraft account in order to, as mentioned before, download the necessary assets and get the secondary machine ready to play.

Edit the name, preserving the quotation marks, to whatever username you want.

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Save the document, close the Profile Editor window, and then restart the Minecraft launcher for the changes to take effect. Double check the lower right corner again. To test things out go ahead and fire up a Minecraft game on the primary computer, load a map, and open the map for LAN play. In turn, have the secondary player join the now open LAN game. You should see, more or less, exactly what we see in the screenshot above: Remember, as we noted above, all the player data is linked to the in-game username.

To reverse the process we just went through, simply navigate back to the. Nonetheless if the secondary player really wants a custom skin for screenshots or just for fun it is trivial to give it to them.


The key to our little avatar-skin slight of hand trick is the humble Minecraft resource pack. In short, resource packs allow players to swap out the texture, or graphic, of nearly every single object in the game with other textures.

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While this is generally done to improve or alter the appearance of the general world around you in our case we can leverage it to replace the player skin. If you want to build MultiMC yourself, check out the Build guide.

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We're running a Patreon campaign so that we can continue to pay for our server hosting costs, and make a little bit of money from this project which we put so much of our time into. Wylker made a spotlight of MultiMC 5 for us!

It contains some basic usage and outlines the core features. Watch it below!

Tutorials/How to install a snapshot – Official Minecraft Wiki

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